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Progress Report
84 Month Progress Report

A Sustainable & Resilient DC

In September, Mayor Bowser joined local and federal officials to open the new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, the largest infrastructure project in DC history. Building the bridge put hundreds of DC residents to work and created millions of dollars in contracting opportunities for local businesses. In addition, we delivered a sustainable, world-class bridge that is making travel through our city and region safer for everyone who passes over it. The project will serve as a model for infrastructure projects to come.
“For more than 100 years nothing much happened on Kingman and Heritage Islands. Then, in 2018, Mayor Bowser committed to finally making Kingman and Heritage Islands something that we can all be proud of.”
Lead Island Ranger,
Kingman Island
As the District reopens and more residents are actively getting to and from home, work, and school, the Bowser Administration is seizing this opportunity to accelerate DC’s climate and sustainability goals by expanding access to a wider variety of sustainable transportation options and investing in programs and infrastructure that support our climate goals.
Public Safety