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Progress Report
84 Month Progress Report

Ending Homelessness

Safe and stable housing is the first step to a safe and stable life.
In 2015, Mayor Bowser released Homeward DC, a bold vision and strategic plan to end long-term homelessness in Washington, DC. Using a comprehensive approach, the District scaled homelessness prevention services and Mayor Bowser followed through on her promise to reform the family shelter system – closing DC General and launching small, service-enriched short-term family housing programs across DC. In 2021, the Bowser Administration launched Homeward DC 2.0, focused on replicating the District’s success in reducing family homelessness with single adults.
The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for residents experiencing homelessness. While more than 600 residents stayed, or continue to stay, in hotels through the District’s Pandemic Emergency Program for Medically Vulnerable Individuals (PEP-V), other residents chose to live outside, either in tents or unsheltered. Due to the dangers of living outside, the Bowser Administration is working to implement new solutions to support unsheltered residents, including the new Coordinated Assistance and Resources for Encampments (CARE) Pilot Program.
Public Safety