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Progress Report
84 Month Progress Report

Child Care & Early Childhood Education

Today, Washington, DC has one of the most robust free pre-K programs in the nation. Mayor Bowser has made it a priority to build on this progress by expanding investments in high-quality, affordable child care to create more seats and reduce the financial burden on families.
Mayor Bowser’s investments in child care reflect a commitment to giving all children a strong start and all families a fair shot. In 2018, Mayor Bowser set a goal to add 1,000 new infant and toddler child care seats in three years. The District hit that goal a year early, surpassing 1,240 new seats by 2020.
“While years from now, many may not explicitly recall their time in pre-K, they will remember being excited to come to school each day to engage in tasks that made them feel confident, smart, and successful. They will remember feeling welcomed, loved, and valued...Our motto here at Military Road is a 14th century proverb: mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”
Principal at Thaddeus Stevens
Early Learning Center and Military
Road Early Learning Center
Public Safety